Kaunas Palemonas Gymnasium



Kaunas Palemonas Gymnasium

Ramunė Baniulienė


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Marių g.37, Kaunas, LT-52248, Lithuania

+370 37373625

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Educational institution
Gymnasium (from year 6 to year 19)
Legal status Public institution

School code

Language in education Lithuanian

The gymnasium is located on the outskirts of Kaunas and now it has 391 students and 51 educators.

It is a gymnasium where pre-primary, primary, primary and secondary school pupils are educated. Special attention is paid to the subjects of Nature and Sciences and to National - civic education. Deepened English language teaching and Science education, integrated Science education in 5-8 classes, STEAM education elements are pursued in our school. The school is developing the municipal participation programme "AVILYS", which consists of 3 sub-programmes: Nature and Science education, National - civic education and All - day school. The programme focuses on the mission and philosophy of formal and non-formal education, consistent with the school's vision, to ensure synergy. Excellence of Gymnasium - Kaunas Palemonas Gymnasium - Community School. We are actively cooperating with local community organizations: the memorial museum of the Lithuanian poetess S. Nėris, the centre of Palemonas community , the Caritas organization of Palemonas, the Palemonas library, and others. The school organizes various events, volunteering activities, etc. The gymnasium has strong informal education. There are a lot of extra-curricular activities and about 89% of our students attend them. Some of the strongest clubs are football, orienteering, singing, art studios, folklore ensemble. There is a branch of Kaunas 1st Music Schoolin our gymnasium. Since 2004 we have been involved in various international projects of cultural awareness with other European countries. During this period, we realised 6 Comenius (later Erasmus +) projects. In 2019, we were awarded the Quality Label of the European Solidarity Corps.

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Kauno Palemono gimnazija

 Adresas: Marių g. 37,

LT-52248 Kaunas,


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Įm. kodas 190137989


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